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Monday, May 14, 2012


Today I welcome my Christian writer colleague, Chris Vonada. Chris begins a monthly post here at From Carol's Quill. I'm looking forward to reading what he has to share about relationships. I know you'll enjoy it, too.

A couple of years ago our small group at church talked about the top 10 relational needs. These needs, or building blocks to relationships, seem to be fundamental to any relationship... be it a marriage, friendship, or even within your family or work environment. Here's the list we were provided...

Top 10 Relational Needs:

  • Acceptance:
  • Affection: 
  • Appreciation: 
  • Approval: 
  • Attention: 
  • Comfort (Empathy): 
  • Encouragement: 
  • Respect: 
  • Security: 
  • Support:

I added one more to the list (a surprise that I'm saving for the end...) and Carol graciously offered to let me do this gig over the next year (one per month) here at "From Carol's Quill."

I hope you'll pray with me as I ask God to lead me in this endeavor of sharing our thoughts together on the meaning of each of these essential building blocks...

Heavenly Father, you are so gracious and loving and for that I am eternally thankful. Lord, I pray to you today that you will bless and lead our thoughts and conversation in building up your presence in our lives through these 10 + 1 building blocks of relationships, that you will guide us in your amazing and beautiful way. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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This is a guest post from Chris Vonada. Chris is an aspiring author and professional geologist, and also enjoys reading, running, anything outdoors, travel, family, friends, music and life! He writes about his passions at I’m Just Thinkin’ (


chris said...

lol... gee, it looks really good :-)

Thank you Carol for your support and encouragement for my writing, I really appreciate everything you're doing to help me. Excited about this series and writing here!!

Joe Lalonde said...

Sounds like a great series! Looking forward to it Chris.

From Carols Quill said...

I'm excited about this series, too Chris.

SandiGrace said...

This looks really good. Am looking forward to it. Thanks. :)

lynnmosher said...

Yay! Sounds great! I look forward to the coming posts. Thanks, Carol and Chris! Blessings!

Pam B. said...

You've caught my interest. I'll be watching for Chris' upcoming posts.

dan black said...

Looking forward to reading the series.

Unknown said...

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