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Monday, August 8, 2011


Last month, Jason and Ervin, came to stay with us while they mentored fatherless young men as part of the Navigator's Shoulder to Shoulder summer program. Before they arrived, I wondered if they would turn out to be angels in disguise

Those seven weeks are over and the boys left our home this weekend. All four of them. 

Four? I thought you said “two.” Yes, midway through the seven weeks, Andrew and Noel moved in, too. All four of them uniquely blessed our home and the lives of the young men in Del Paso Heights.

Noel, Ervin, Andrew, Jason

To Jason: Thank you for your fatherly spirit, for your wit and for your willing attitude to “do whatever it takes.”

To Ervin: Thank you for your bright smile and the energy with which you fill a room.

To Andrew: Thank you for your example of generosity—taking the couch in the open space with no privacy and never a complaint.

To Noel: Thank you for your example of prayer and fasting, which was an encouragement to others.

And to Jason Jew one of the interns from two years ago: Thank you for visiting us and showing us the power of the Navigator team. 

To the girls who were part of Shoulder to Shoulder this year, Katie, Loraley and Amy: Thank you for the girl-ness you brought into this house when you visited. There were days I’d peer into the mirror wondering if that hair on my chin was a result of so much testosterone in the house. You were a gentle breeze filling my woman’s heart—and surely the hearts of the mothers you mentored at Shoulder to Shoulder.

Maybe these young men and women aren’t celestial angels. But surely they were the next best thing to the Del Paso young men and their mothers. I thank God for their lives and pray that they will be used by Him for His glory now and forever.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for instilling in our hearts a desire to share your love with others. Thank you for placing people in our lives who reflect your light and your love. Please encourage us, Lord, to be your hands and feet in the world and to go wherever we are needed or be a support to those who go where we cannot. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you had an opportunity to provide support for someone who is doing God’s work? How did that change you?


Linda Yezak said...

What a blessing! I bet your home was Spirit filled the entire time (and even still!).

chris vonada said...

that's really cool Carol !! I think it would be incredibly rewarding and it so parallels our examples of brotherhood as Christians from the Bible to take in and help out without hesitation. It must be really quiet there now.

From Carol's Quill said...

@ Linda and Chris -- Yep, we were blessed and we miss the life they breathed into this big ole house.

lynnmosher said...

Wow! How awesome is that! Would loved to have been a fly on the wall and hear the conversations!