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Thursday, March 28, 2013


How many of us, as children, used to think today was “Monday Thursday” and wonder how come we knew our days of the week but all the adults got confused this time of year?

The word maundy comes from the Latin mandatum, meaning command. It refers to the commands made by Jesus Christ on the Thursday he spent with his disciples at the Last Supper—celebrating Passover and telling them to be a servant to others, just as he—represented by his washing of their feet—came to serve.

It was at the Last Supper, that Jesus instituted the Eucharist—what many modern Christians call “communion” whereby we eat bread and drink wine or grape juice in remembrance of Jesus’ life on earth and his sacrifice for our sake.

We are reminded not only of Jesus’ life and death through the partaking of communion, but we are also reminded more so of his resurrection and the eternal life we have through him.

Jesus gave us this reminder and then commanded us to remember him each time we eat and drink bread and wine.

Do we?

We remember Jesus throughout the day—beginning and ending our day in prayer. We even begin our meals saying grace. But as we’re eating and drinking; as we’re stressing and stewing; as we’re living our daily lives, do we remember him?

Three commands: Love others in my name. Serve others in my name. Remember me.

We can remember Jesus’ commands, not only on Maundy Thursday but also on Monday, Thursday and every other day of the week.

PRAYER: Jesus, thank you for your life, your death, your resurrection and for loving us so much that you would include us in your plan of salvation. Thank you for the reminders of your life and love you place around us daily. Help us to remember you in the big things today and in the small things every day. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have a special observance you partake in on Maundy Thursday?


chris said...

So thankful for what Jesus did for me so I may have a relationship with God, and the opportunity for eternal life! This year, I have really been enjoying The History Channel's series on The Bible, though I'm not looking forward to watching Jesus on the cross. It reminds me to try and be a better me every day of the year!

Terrie said...

Funny how I remember to get my petitions in early - but stumble when it comes to forgive quickly, don't dredge up the past and keep others in the forefront above myself. Thank you sweet Carol - I always enjoy your thoughts. Peace and Blessings! and of course Happy Resurrection Day!!

lynnmosher said...

I couldn't get through my day without remembering that Jesus is with me every second of every day. Though I know it leads to the part I hate the most! I'm with Chris...I don't look forward to the scourging and the cross. Truly enjoyed this, Carol.

Pam B. said...

Christ stayed on that cross when He had the power to end his suffering and wipe out all the evil that was around Him as he hung dying. He could have saved Himself. GOD gave his life for us. WOW!

God has risen, indeed!

From Carols Quill said...

Chris, Terrie, Lynn and Pam - I'm so grateful for your comments. This is such a powerful time in our remembrance of what Jesus did for us.