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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? (Writing Wednesday)

Our book club just finished Angela Thomas’ latest book, Do You Know Who I Am? And Other Brave Questions Women Ask.

Unanimously, we agreed that we loved the book. Even those in our group who don’t generally read non-fiction thought it was worth the effort to think it through.

In her book, Thomas asks 12 questions that we women pose as we strive to live godly lives but feel inadequate to the task. With a seminary degree and years of bible teaching behind her, Thomas does an excellent job of combining relevant scripture and narrative in a way that speaks to women’s hearts and assures them that they are loved by the God of the universe.

While many authors use examples of people who have accomplished enormous things in their lives, Thomas looks at the daily lives of typical women. She freely uses examples from her own life, opening her heart to us. She uses examples from other women’s lives, also. All combine to encourage us that although our trials may seem small to the world, to us they are big. And they are important to God.

Each of Thomas’ 12 chapters begin with a question that God can answer based on His character. They are:

  • Do You Know I Am Afraid to Dream Big?....He Is Worthy
  • Do You Know I Am Invisible?....He Is My God Who Sees
  • Do You Know I Am Trembling Inside?....He Is My Comfort
  • Do You Know I Am Worn Out?....He Does Not Grow Weary
  • Do You Know I Am Suffering with a Thorn?...He Is My Sufficiency
  • Do You Know I Am a Sinner?....He Is My Savior
  • Do You Know I Am Lonely?....He Is Here
  • Do You Know I Am Undisciplined?....He Is My Strength
  • Do You Know I Am Hesitant?....He Is Generous
  • Do You Know I Am Ordinary?....He Is My King and Father
  • Do You Know I Am Broken?....He Is My Redeemer
  • Do You Know I Am Disappointed?....He Is My Hope

Thomas finishes each chapter with the focal point of that chapter, posed as a question to God. “Do you know I am …” Then she writes, as if God were answering the question, by focusing on one attribute of God’s character revealed through scripture. This sweetly-written chapter ending is as if it comes from God’s heart directly to the heart of each woman reading.

Thomas’ writing style is light and humorous at times; touching and tender at others. Her grace and openness to share her own pain and vulnerability give the reader courage to look at her own pain and find comfort, knowing that God sees the pain and stands ready to love us through it.

Angela Thomas’ book, Do You Know Who I Am?  is a *Life Encourager book*.  (See below for my review designations.) You can find out more about Ms. Thomas and her books at her website:

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for teachers who understand your scripture and your heart and can share it with others. Thank you for the lessons you wish us to learn. Help us learn them. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you read this book? Tell us your thoughts.



DESIGNATION                   WHY IT’S GIVEN

Life Encourager                 Thought provoking, moves you forward in your faith
Life Changer                       A must-read; may require courage to read it
Just for Fun                         Something light, but with a solid foundation of faith
Can’t Put Down                 A novel that is just that—you can’t put it down
Read Along                         A pick-up-anytime, good read



Pam B. said...

This was a very good read. Just one example of how I was blessed is that I finally got an answer to my life-long question "Is this all there is?"

From Carol's Quill said...

@Pam - The book is helping me get over my fears of living large. It's about God; not me. It was a great book.