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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Birthdays are a celebration of life. Yesterday was mine. And I turned…well, older. You want to know how old? Nosey.

Okay, but first you have to understand my family. In the 34 birthdays I’ve celebrated with my husband, he’s yet to present me with a cake sporting all the candles set out neatly in a row. That would be just too normal.

No, hubby has trained the kids in proper birthday candle etiquette, according to his never-too-old-to-play approach to life. Yesterday, they made me a delicious cake with appropriately coded candles, shooting off in all directions—including horizontally. There were:

2 spiral-y orange candles representing                       25 YEARS EACH
1 pink and white striped candle representing         15 YEARS
7 small yellow candles representing                            1 NEGATIVE YEAR EACH

For the total you may have to get out your calculator and use advanced algebra.

No, I don’t feel 58. Usually I feel about 28. Some days I only feel 8. And every day I look at my kids and wonder: “How did they grow up when I haven’t gotten any older myself?”

Do you ever feel that way? As if you’re caught in a time warp, living a perennial childhood and one day someone is going to make you grow up?

I think a time warp mentality is part of God’s plan. As Christians, we start out with a simple faith, drinking it in as if it’s milk. Later as our faith grows, we chew on more difficult theology. Our faith is tested and strengthened. But through it all, as our faith grows stronger, I believe God wants us to continue to love Him with a child-like love.

How does a child love a parent? She loves with trust and hope. He loves eagerly and with everything he is. She grasps her mother’s hand as they step into the often terrifying world. He climbs into his father’s lap and rests his head on his shoulder. She falls asleep in her father’s arms, knowing she will be safe, whatever nightmares may come.

Isn’t that how our faith and trust in our God should be?

Birthdays are a celebration of life. But our life in Christ? It should be forever young at heart.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, renew in my heart a child-like love for you. Help me trust you more, leaning on you in every situation you place me in. Help me retain a love for you filled with eagerness to do my best for you and to love you with everything I am. Help my faith never grow old. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you retained a child-like love for Jesus?


by Pegg Thomas said...

I LOVE that cake! Now I know what the hubster can look forward to this year. Heheheee!

Carol said...

Pegg - you are delightful! Looking forward to seeing what you create for your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Okay, your husband sounds wonderful. Love the Crooked Candles tradition. As for me...young at heart always. And you know? I started this morning with..."Our Father Who Art in Heaven.." < I swear the energy I feel as I start the day is _amazing_.

Glad to see you, you blogger you!

From Carol's Quill said...

@Deb - God ALWAYS starts the day with us. It's better when WE start the day with Him! So happy to see you here!

Pam said...

Glad you had a deLIGHTful birthday. I know birthdays should be celebrations, but for me sometimes it is a time of regrets, that years are passing me by and goals haven't been met, adventures not accomplished. I try to focus on the graditude I have toward God for all His blessings in my life, which there are many. I hope I am living the life that He planned for me, but I think I have run ahead of His plan at times or have not listened to His guidance and while He will use my choices work out for my good as HE has promised, what would my life be if I had always kept my eyes focused on Him?

From Carol's Quill said...

Good thoughts,Pam. Fortunately God meets us wherever we are and gives us extra "try agains."

Pam said...

God gave me some reassurance today---"I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths." Prov. 4:11. I love it when God answers my questions through my devotions.

Sheila said...

I turn 58 in July. Told you we had a lot in common. :) Two years from 60 (as if I had to tell you!) And, yes, I feel 21 inside--only the outer body grows old. Hopefully, I've gained some wisdom along the way--so 21 with wisdom. I'll take it!

From Carol's Quill said...

@Sheila - LOL - sure wish the wisdom had been there at 21! But better late than never.