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Friday, April 1, 2011


Surprised to see me in blog-o-sphere?  No, it's not an "April Fool's Joke."

I’m so un-techie, the idea of blogging made my eyeballs explode. Then I learned something that changed my mind.

“Blog” is short for “web log.”  It’s keeping a log on the web. Journaling. Documenting life. For a left-brained gal who lives for lists AND writing, that was too irresistible to…well, resist!

I learned something else. “Web log” was originally spelled as one word: “weblog.” That means you can divide the word so it reads “we blog.” Suddenly I wanted to be part of that “we.” The “we” that “blogs.”

And now I am.

I blog. You blog. He, she, it blogs. We blog.

Our focus here will be encouragement. Encouragement for Christians. Encouragement for writers. Encouragement for those of us who are stewards of one of God’s most precious creations: children.

As Christians, we’ll chat about the tenants of our faith, our relationship with the Trinity and with each other. As writers, we’ll chat about why we write, what we write and for who. We’ll chat about kids and how we can share with them what we know of this amazing world and our amazing God. Through it all, we’ll discover how we can be an encouragement to others.

And threaded throughout every post will be a way to tie it back to faith.

I have friends who dream about writing a book "one day." Do you have that dream, too? Maybe it's time to wake up and live your dream. Or perhaps you’re already moving along on that writing road. I will be participating in a terrific conference this weekend for children’s writers and illustrators. Next week I’ll share with you the jewels sprinkled throughout the conference by the editors, agents, authors and illustrators who love children.

Until then, if you’re a writer or dream of being one, go to the "For Writers" page on my website There you will find several articles on writing. Maybe one will encourage you.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you a Christian? A writer? A teacher or parent? All of the above? In what areas do you need encouragement?

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Paula said...

oops...of course I put my first comment on the wrong place! But hey, I am still first! All the best on this new adventure...I will be following....=]