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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today’s post is part of the Christian Writer’s blog chain. The theme for June is “Fresh Air.” Click on the links to the right to see how my friends look at this topic.


Most days my bedroom window is open. Except on summer afternoons when it is shut tight against the heat.

Ah, but come evening, the blinds go up; the window slides open and the cool evening air slips through my screen and pushes the hot, still air up through the attic and out of the house.

Thanks to our remarkable whole house fan, it takes but moments to bring the temperature in the house from 90 to 70. And to return my mood from heat-induced grumpy to my very cool self.

Sometimes we don't get those cool evening breezes though. When that happens, it's not pretty in our bedroom. There's me, lying on one side of the bed—as far away from my heat-producing husband as I can get. Pillows turned every 5 minutes to the "cool side." The ceiling fan is on high. The nightstand fan is on high. The big box fan, perched on my dresser and aimed directly at me—is on high. Another box fan in the window. On high. And a cool, wet cloth on my hot, sweaty forehead.

The only good thing about those nights is that when the cool breezes return, I'm praising God and thanking Him for rescuing me from another night in the inferno and for sending me exactly the kind of fresh air I need.

Kinda like He did when He sent Jesus.

To the early Christians, Jesus must have been like fresh air—sweeping away the cobwebs of legalism; brushing off the dust of disbelief; blowing away the despair of sin. Understanding the promise of salvation, forgiveness and redemption through Jesus literally does away with the threat of spending eternity in the inferno of hell.

Yes, there are a few crazy people who actually like triple digit temperatures. But for most of us, the still, hot air is suffocation. It is a baking of the soul; a crisping of the mind; a burning up of a peaceful spirit.

We need the cool fresh air of the evening to renew our bodies so we can prepare for the heat of the day ahead. Likewise, we need the fresh air of Jesus to renew our souls for a time that may be filled with an inferno of trials and worry. The blessed fresh air of Jesus flows through us by means of the Holy Spirit. It can refresh us. We need only to open the window of our souls and let it flow.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for the variety you created in this world—day and night; light and dark; the heat of the day and cool evening breezes. Thank you, Jesus, for gifting us with your Spirit. Help us let your Spirit flow freely through us, restoring our souls with the fresh air of your love. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you invigorated by the heat or the cool? Was there a time when your experience with Jesus was like a breeze of fresh air?


chris said...

The heat saps my energy! Your post contrasting the heat and cool is a perfect analogy to experiencing life without feeling God's presence... when the Holy Spirit arrives it's exactly like the fresh, clean and cool air we love to feel after a heavy storm. Thanks Carol!!

From Carol's Quill said...

@ Chris - thank you for your thoughts. Heat makes me feel uninspired and lost. Like life without Jesus.

Victor Travison said...

With my health, extreme hot and extreme cold are equally bad for me. I prefer to be somewhere in the middle, just like in life.

~ VT

From Carol's Quill said...

@ VT - agree. As long as we're not lukewarm for Jesus...