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Monday, November 28, 2011


Baby girl is back at college. Back to her routine that ends on December 17 when she receives her BS in Physics. Back to her routine that ends December 30 when she receives her MRS with Kyle.

I miss her again and still. Miss the little girl she was for those few seconds. Miss the grown-up woman she is now.

But the countdown to the wedding keeps tick-tocking along. Thirty-two days left. Seems like so much has been done already. Yet my 5-page "list of things to do" contains enough things to fill up 32 days several times.

Last minute things, like:

  • All the grocery shopping
  • All the cooking
  • 38 tablecloths and 150 napkins to be ironed
  • 150 water goblets to be washed and packed 
  • 200 drink glasses to be washed and packed 
  • 150 champagne flutes to be washed and packed
  • 150 plates to be washed and packed
  • 600 knives, forks and spoons to be washed and packed
  • Platters. bowls, chafing dishes and serving spoons to be washed and packed
  • Several million crystal beads to be glued onto several dozen birch branches--oh, yeah!

Oh, and isn’t Christmas in there some place? Yep, and Mom’s birthday, hubs and my anniversary, a couple of Christmas parties and at least a cursory "happy graduation" whing-ding.

Praising God for time management!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, help us to enjoy the moments of celebration rather than being caught up in the "have-to’s" of preparation. Thank you for time and planning but help us to rely on your guidance in all things. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Are you a list maker?


chris said...

wow, you have A LOT going on!!

i'm not a huge fan of lists but i do need them to keep track of important to-do items (yep, i'm getting old !!).

From Carols Quill said...

@ Chris - we'd have more time to get things done if we didn't have to make all those lists!

Pam B. said...

You probably aren't surprised I am a list maker -- it keeps me on track and helps set my priorities. Just a new thought, it probably would help if I wrote devotions and exercise on the list as number 1 and number 2. Hmmmmmmmmmm

From Carols Quill said...

@ Pam - how's this for an idea: print out a ream of paper with the title "PAM's DAILY TO-DO LIST" and permanently print in

1. Devotions and
2. Exercise


Pam B. said...

I wonder if that would work . . .