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Thursday, April 11, 2013


When our kids were little, we had a hassock. You know—an ottoman, a padded footstool. It was great for resting your feet and sitting on. But best of all, it was part of one of my kids' favorite games.

They’d run around the room chasing after each other and nothing. Then suddenly, one of them would race over to the hassock, fling themselves across it and shout, “My rock!” Then they’d be off again chasing and racing.

Eighteen years later, they sometimes sit down or claim something and yell, “My rock!” Accompanied with laughs. It still makes their father and mother smile!

My bible reading this morning took me to Psalm 28:1: To you I call, O Lord my Rock; do not turn a deaf ear to me.
Tuesday I wrote about Psalm 27:5 wherein God sets us upon a rock—safe and sound and high up with Him.

Today’s verse reminds me that not only are we up safe and sound with Him, that rock he has perched us on? It’s Him!

Just as my precious kids chased about the room before falling, giggling on our hassock and claiming it as their own, so too can I fall happily upon the Rock and claim Jesus as my own.

And just as doing so made my children’s father and mother smile, falling upon the Rock of Jesus surely makes my Heavenly Father smile.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father you are our rock and our salvation. Thank you that you see us as your children when we fall upon you and delight in you. Thank you for loving us that much. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have a favorite scripture or song about God, our Rock? 


Eileen said...

I've always loved the concept of our Lord being a strong, immovable Rock.

lynnmosher said...

Oh, love that memory tied in. Great, Carol!

chris said...

And on this rock... you're on a roll Carol, Rock On!

From Carols Quill said...

@ Eileen, Lynn and Chris - THANK YOU for stopping by.

Pam B. said...

A favorite of mine:

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal." Is. 26:4

From Carols Quill said...

@ Pam - yes, that's a great scripture. I love the repetition "the Lord, the Lord"! It's like a biblical lightbulb--I "get" it!