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Friday, September 2, 2011


The month of August, the Christian Writers blog chain took the word “august” and discussed things majestic, distinguished, epic, glorious, magnificent. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have.  

One of the words related to “august” is “grand.” That brings to mind the Grand Canyon, Grande Jette, Grand Champion, and Grand Ballroom. My favorite “grand” though are grandparents and grandkids. I’m not yet a grandmother, but I had two awesome grandmothers and two amazing grandfathers.

Here are a few synonyms and related words for “august.” Which would describe your grandparents? When you become a grandparent, which word will your grandkids think best captures “you”?  

Distinguished, imposing, portly, solemn, staid, stately, baronial, epic, gallant, glorious, grandiose, heroic, imperial, magnificent, majestic, massive, monumental, noble, proud, regal, royal, splendid, grand, decorous, proper, seemly, grave, somber, aristocratic, elegant, elevated, lordly, magisterial, colossal, prodigious, cosmic, sublime, wondrous, formidable, impressive, marvelous, extravagant, lavish, opulent, palatial, resplendant, splendiferous, celestial, divine, heavenly

Now we leave the month of August and the theme of “august.” Join the Christian Writers this month of September for our blog chain theme, “Coming Home.”