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Monday, September 19, 2011


As part of my ongoing ministry to provide a way for us to pray for our loved ones, today I offer you four more names, their meaning and ways you can pray for people who have those names.

These names will be added to the burgeoning list of names and prayers, found on the PRAYING NAMES page of this blog. Go to the tab, titled “PRAYING NAMES” to find prayers for your loved ones.

If a name is not there, please leave a comment here with names you would like me to research and create prayers for.


Deborah, Debra, Debbie: bee

Heavenly Father, I pray that Deborah will live her name. I pray that just as the bees pollinate the flowers of the field, that Deborah will share her faith in you to others; that they may be fed and enriched by you through her. I pray also that her faith will produce sweet honey; a nectar that will feed and delight others in you.

Gail, Gayle, Abigail: joy of the Father

Heavenly Father, I pray that Gail will live her name. I pray that in all things she will bring joy to you. I pray that it will be your joy also to pursue her heart and draw her close to you. Father, please also show her ways to be a joy to others and a recipient of joy that passes from you to those around her.

Kirk, Kyrk: church

Heavenly Father, I pray that Kirk will live his name. I pray that Kirk will be one of your people all the days of his life. I pray that he will be a strong part of your church. I pray that he will be an example to others of his faith in you and will bring others to understand your love and promises.

Stewart, Stuart:  steward of the estate or castle

Heavenly Father, I pray that Stewart will live his name. I pray that he will be a righteous steward of all that you have provided to him in this life. I pray also that he will be a God-honoring steward of the eternal estate you have offered him as your child; an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven. I pray that as a steward, he will be a light and an example of your inheritance to others.


Linda Yezak said...

How beautiful! I know some Debbies who would love this!

From Carol's Quill said...

@ Linda - Thanks and I hope she will love it.

chris vonada said...

love these 4 additions Carol, I had forgotten that you were doing this, a very creative idea, makes me smile!!

From Carol's Quill said...

@ Chris - thanks. Send me names of people in your life and I'll include them in the next batch.