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Friday, March 30, 2012


Remember ‘way back to January and those goals you set?  It’s time for our first quarterly review—to see how we’re doing; where we still need to go. It’s time to review, revise and renew our enthusiasm.

How do we do that?

The goals we set were SMARTER GOALS Take each goal one at a time. Did you set out a time frame to achieve it? Did you make forward progress? If not, why not? What do you need to do differently in order to pursue this goal during the next three months?

Is each goal still important? If not, why not? If yes, how do you need to commit in order to get back on track? Do you need to revise the scope of any goal? How will you do so?

What unexpected experiences have you had during the process of pursuing your goals?

I set three types of goals: spiritual, writing and personal.

The spiritual goals were daily goals. I have generally been on track, except that I forgot to practice my new breath prayer: Je-sus. The good news is that I’m still generally using a breath prayer of “Thank you, Jesus.”

So, I am deleting the goal of a new breath prayer and will simply continue with my old one. For the other goals, I will continue at my present pace. 

I have reviewed each of my writing goals and my personal goals in the same way. A few goals have changed; some I’ve completed; a couple I’m behind on and need to revise for Q2.

Meanwhile, I’m praising God for the encouragement He gives to grow in faith and in the gifts He has entrusted to my care.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for making us teachable. Help us see the ways you would have us grow and change. Help us, Holy Spirit, follow your leading to do so. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How did you do in Q1? Are you ready to embark on tackling them in Q2?


Nona King said...

:) I need to read over your smarter goal blog article and see about setting mine up. An update of my writing goals: My Fair Princess is on track for a book launch of 4/13. Unfortunately, I am late gathering the free gifts and so I feel a bit frazzled in that respect.

I had to adjust my 2012 release goal a little bit to allow more time for the final revision of my next release, Of Damsels & Dragons, but it's still on track as well (at least from here).

My website has been cleaned up, breaking down the 'Coming Soon' page into 'Coming in 2012', 'Coming in 2013', and 'Works in Progress' which lists all my novels except those 'Now Available!'. :)

Having these things in place, especially the release targets, has been instrumental in getting me motivated and keeping me safe from 'floundering'. The Blog chain has also been a great help.

Now to add the spiritual and personal goals....

From Carols Quill said...

@ Nona - oh, you're doing so great! Thank you so much for sharing your goals here with us (so we can nag you--heh-heh!)

I love the idea of "Coming in 2012" etc. You go, girlfriend!

chris said...

I'm in pretty good shape... so far... just a little off as my e-mail in box has slided to 68 items, just 18 over the 50 limit... and I am continuing on my "believe" focus (already wrote the April 1st post - no foolin'!!

Thanks for the Q1 reminder!!

From Carols Quill said...

@ Chris - good job. I suppose that means I don't get to nag you about anything...

Christine Henderson said...

No "savor" blog post? No matter, I still like reading your posts whatever they may be!

Linda Yezak said...

I'm amazed how well I've done in spite of everything. I have lost weight, but it's been from being stressed or sick more than actually adhering to a diet. Writing and editing careers are on track. Quiet time with the Lord has increased.

Big failures? House is still a wreck, and I don't exercise or do much of anything that resembles it. If I don't figure out a way to fit that in my schedule, I'm going to be one big ol' blob of jelly!

Thanks for the opportunity to reassess my goals. Time to take some a bit more seriously!

From Carols Quill said...

@ Christine - Wednesdays in March were for savoring. Glad you enjoyed this anyway.

From Carols Quill said...

@ Linda - you've had a tremendous number of major things on your plate this year. Most importantly is that quiet time with Jesus has increased. Good job!