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Friday, April 27, 2012


Every month I create prayers based on the names of people we love. This ongoing list of names and prayers can be found at the top of this blog, on the tab titled, “PRAYING NAMES.”

If you would like me to create a prayer based on a specific name, please leave a comment below. I’ll research the name and include it in a future month.

Allison, Alison, Alice: of nobility

Heavenly Father, I pray that Allison will live her name. I pray that she will be reminded that because of Jesus, she is an adopted daughter of the King. I pray that she will live her life, knowing that the King of the Universe died because he loves her. I pray that others will see her life as an example of Christ, the King. Amen.

Brooklyn: one who lives near a brook

Heavenly Father, I pray that Brooklyn will live her name. I pray that she will seek the living water of Christ and that she will be a source of Jesus’ love to everyone around her. I pray that, like the deer who panteth for the water, her heart will thirst for you. Amen.

Israel: God prevails

Heavenly Father, I pray that Israel will live his name. I pray that he will understand the greatness that is you; that you will prevail in all things and that Israel, too is strengthened when he relies upon you.

Shayla, Sheila: her gift

Heavenly Father, I pray that Shayla will live her name. I pray that she will recognize the gifts you have blessed her with and that she will use them to their full potential and for your glory. I pray also that her life will be a gift of joy to those around her. I pray especially that she will understand the depth of your gift of love, grace and mercy and will share the knowledge of that gift to others. Amen. 

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